The Variprop

Our associates at SPW have been developing the Variprop feathering propeller since it was first introduced over thirty years ago. The result is one of the most modern and efficient propellers of its type in the world.

Today the extensive range has two, three, four and five blade versions meaning a suitable Variprop can be provided for the smallest yachts with engines of 10 hp up to the largest with 750 hp.

Of great importance is the work that goes into ensuring that each Variprop produced is exactly right for the vessel it is going to propel. Using the length of the vessel and its displacement and engine data the resulting propeller will have not just the right
number of blades, but they will be exactly the right diametre and pitch to provide maximum performance.



Every size of Variprop shares the same list of benefits which, when added together, result in a propeller with exceptional abilities.

  • A significant increase in sailing speed. Blades which instantly swing into the feathered position when the engine is turned off can mean a 15 to 20 % increase in sailing speed.
  • Optimum thrust ahead and astern. With blades turning 180 degrees they present the same leading edge ahead or astern and the efficiency of the propeller is identical in both directions meaning no more prop walk…. plus excellent propulsion and control in astern as well as ahead.
  • No more propeller turbulence when sailing. Close hauled sailing becomes more stable and smoother as a result of the feathered propeller producing no turbulence.
Apart from its performance the Variprop provides its owner with a significant list of additional benefits which includes the ability to make changes to the propeller’s pitch, both ahead and astern in seconds without the need to disassemble the  propeller. They also have a multidisc brake which ensures that the end stops in the hub are protected from wear.

Also suitable for
classic & long keel boats

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The Variprop is suitable for a large range of yachts and even makes it possible for many craft that have been unable to enjoy the benefits of feathering propellers to have one. These are long keel or classic yachts which have only a small aperture available to fit the propeller. The Variprops compact design means that many of these yachts can be fitted with one.

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