The Yacht Ya

Propelled by Autoprop Eco*Stars the Dutch yacht ‘Ya’ completes her circumnavigation.

The sailing yacht ‘Ya’ recently arrived back in her home port of Medemblik Holland to a hero’s welcome. The enthusiastic welcome was fully justified as the yacht had just sailed around the world without the use of any fossil fuels; the first yacht to have done so in modern times. If propulsion was required, other than could be provided by the sails, it was with electric motors and Autoprop Eco*Star propellers.

Leaving harbour without any diesel, petrol or gas on board the vessel was powered by a combination of solar panels, wind and water generators and she was designed to use as little energy as possible thanks to thermal insulation, led lighting and other sustainable solutions. The design work for this yacht started back in 2010 with the idea of demonstrating that it is possible to build a comfortable, safe yacht capable of long journeys. Our propellers are important additions to the vessels power producing capability as when sailing they can produce significant amounts of electricity when require and when propelling the yacht their unique ability to automatically pitch correctly for the electric motors was invaluable.

For more information on the Eco*Star propeller please click here and for more details of the ‘Ya’ go to her website here: