The first all-electric fishing boat selects a Bruntons Autoprop Eco*Star propeller

Meet Lorna Jane, a remarkable vessel the work of one man who for nine months committed himself to converting his 6.4 m lobster fishing boat from diesel to
electrically powered. Her owner Hans Unkles is, apart from being a fisherman, a highly experienced boat builder and it was his decision to convert Lorna Jane, a
Cygnus GM21 boat, into a ‘net zero’ vessel, work he was to do himself. The result is the first fully approved electrically powered fishing boat.

Hans had little trouble in deciding what propeller he should fit to the vessel. The Autoprop Eco*Star was recommended to him by a friend, and he is delighted with its performance. “The Bruntons propeller is undoubtably very efficient. It is continually re-pitching itself to suit the revs and sea conditions. This shows clearly in live time on the amp or kilowatt usage dials of the propulsion motor.”

The full story of Hans achievements and the challenges he had to face, not just in the building but also getting approval of the vessel make a fascinating story of one mans commitment to our future world. You can see it all on his website at: