Seastar Sailing Fleet Fit Autoprop

There cannot be many better recommendations than when a well known and respected yacht charter company with 21 yachts of various sizes chooses to fit virtually all of them with a particular propeller.

This has been the decision of SeaStar Sailing in Greece who has now fitted nearly all of their fleet with our Autoprop propellers. Not only have they fitted them, but they also believe that their decision to do so is a positive selling point to put to their charter customers, as demonstrated by these words on their website: – ‘More power is one parameter, delivering it, is another. Therefore, we have installed on almost all of the yachts in our fleet the Autoprop feathering propeller.’

A yacht charter company has many considerations to take into account before fitting any equipment, but few are of greater importance than the vessel’s propeller. SeaStar will have considered not just the performance of the propeller, motoring, motor sailing and purely sailing, but also its reliability. We are obviously delighted it satisfies their requirements.