Most of the propellers that we design are specifically for the vessel for which they are intended but with naval vessels, and often superyachts, the requirement for a custom design is paramount.

We design and manufacture propellers for naval vessels that are designed for various different uses, from mine hunters to high speed patrol craft. In all cases it is very important that apart from producing the required performance the vessel should have the lowest possible noise ‘signature’.

Superyachts, with regard to propeller design, share several similarities with naval vessels: they are usually highly advanced in both their overall design and construction materials. We often find that the actual design of the vessel can make the installation of a conventional propulsion system difficult or even impossible. In situations like these our experience and specialist knowledge enables us to work very closely with the vessels designers and builders to develop exactly the right propulsion solution for that vessel.

Suffice to say, if you have designed a propeller for a nuclear submarine, which we have, then there is very little which is going to defeat you!

At Bruntons we design and manufacture propellers up to 3 metres in diameter. For larger propellers please visit our sister company, Stone Marine Propulsion’s website, which you can reach here.


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