Jeanne Socrates

By any standards, Jeanne Socrates is a remarkable lady. She has endured many hardships in her sailing ‘career’, but this has not stopped her in her attempt to be the first grandmother to sail around the world, single-handed, non-stop.

After several failed attempts her determination saw her complete the journey on Saturday, September 7th, 2019. Forget the ‘first grandmother’, at the age of 77 she is actually the oldest person to ever solo circumnavigate non-stop.

Her yacht is equipped with an Autoprop and she is full of praise for the propeller. She keeps in regular contact with us and in a recent message made the following remark:-

You’re getting lots of enthusiastic recommendations from me to people everywhere about the prop’s performance…!! (I invariably quote to them our finding that on replacing the Volvo standard prop with our Autoprop the revs were reduced to 1500 from 2000 for the same speed in similar conditions…!)​

Jeanne is happy to reinforce the message on her website where she states that:-​

My Brunton’s Autoprop, a self-adjusting propeller, is also a lovely bit of engineering…
…it performs impressively, requiring noticeably fewer engine revs for a given speed through the water than the previous fixed prop.

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