Jeanne Socrates completes a solo sailing

Non-stop circumnavigation complete with Autoprop

Aged just 77 Jeanne Socrates has become the oldest woman to have sailed around the world non-stop, single handed.

Obviously it might seem a little strange that we are adding this story to our latest news pages because in order to have achieved the record Jeanne was not allowed to use her propeller at any stage of the journey and her main engine was sealed. However, before this momentous voyage Jeanne had already written highly complementary comments about her Autoprop at times when she was allowed to use it.

All of us at Bruntons congratulate Jeanne on her great achievement and thank her for the comments that she has previously made regarding her Autoprop, some of which you can read below.

“You’re getting lots of enthusiastic recommendations from me to people everywhere about the prop’s performance…!! (I invariably quote to them our finding that on replacing the Volvo standard prop with our Autoprop the revs were reduced to 1500 from 2000 for the same speed in similar conditions…!)​”

Jeanne is happy to reinforce the message on her website where she states that:-

​“My Brunton’s Autoprop, a self-adjusting propeller, is also a lovely bit of engineering… …it performs impressively, requiring noticeably fewer engine revs for a given speed through the water than the previous fixed prop.”

Anyone who would like to read about Jeanne’s experiences on the voyage or if you’re generally interested in long distance cruising you can visit her website here.