IONGUARD really is a major step forward in the protection of any boat from the effects of stray electrical currents.

Today’s sacrificial anodes have changed little since they were first invented in 1824 by Sir Humphrey Davey and the whole business of protecting a boat from damage is still, to a large extent, a hit and miss affair. The problem is not the anodes themselves, but the extent to which they erode in a normal season and the difficulty of monitoring the speed of erosion. It’s an expensive business to haul out a boat just to check the condition of its anodes and not much cheaper to hire a diver to check them for you. Until now, many owners, realising that the cost of not checking could be much greater, have had to spend the money!

These problems are in the past however, and the solution is Bruntons IonGuard. This clever device is capable of protecting smaller vessels all on its own, but for owners of larger boats it provides the opportunity to monitor the rate of attrition of the vessels other anodes without haul outs or divers, and this is only one of many benefits.

  • IonGuards own anode is easily replaced while your vessel is afloat. Replacement is as simple as unscrewing the old anode and screwing on the new.

  • Racing yachts can have their anode retracted in seconds, reducing drag. It might not sound much, but with every second counting, the cleaner the bottom of a racing yacht the better!

  • Different anodes are often required for salt and fresh water use, a fact that many owners may not be aware of. With IonGuard, the type of anode can be changed in seconds, ensuring the boat is getting the best protection possible.

  • Whatever type or size of boat, IonGuard allows owners to monitor their corrosion protection. This gives the confidence that comes with knowing that expensive metal parts of the yacht are fully protected, and saves the cost of unnecessary haul outs.

  • IonGuards can be purchased with a range of different skin fittings and anode materials, which means an IonGuard is available for any craft, whatever its construction material, or its area of operation.

  • IonGuards benefits are applicable to both power and sail vessels of all types.


PROTECTS your boat from electrolysis and corrosion 
to retract when racing
Allows coroson monitoring without slipping your yacht
Suitable for all vessels, sail or power



This brochure describes the unique benefits IonGuard has to offer.

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