At Bruntons we are very well known for the exceptionally high quality of the propellers that we produce, whatever the type of vessel they are intended for. Using many years of experience, and manufacturing processes that exceed the most exacting international standards and classification society requirements our designers, metallurgists and naval architects produce propellers, with or without complete sterngear packages, which are second to none.

Each propeller we produce is designed to ensure that it performs at maximum efficiency, providing the vessel to which it is fitted with the best performance, not just in speed but also fuel consumption and emissions; all this performance to be provided with the lowest possible noise and vibration.

Depending on the application many of Bruntons propellers are manufactured using alloys developed by the company’s own metallurgists. The alloys Nikalium and Superston where developed for propellers requiring maximum strength and corrosion resistance; a high tensile manganese bronze alloy is available for less demanding applications, and propellers are also produced from a choice of several grades of stainless steel selected according to the customers’ requirements.

Whatever type of vessel you own you can rely on Bruntons to provide a highly efficient, superbly designed and constructed propeller and sterngear package for it.

At Bruntons we design and manufacture propellers up to 3 metres in diameter. For larger propellers please visit our sister company, Stone Marine Propulsion’s website, which you can reach here.


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