The first all-electric fishing boat selects a Bruntons Autoprop Eco*Star propeller

Meet Lorna Jane, a remarkable vessel the work of one man who for nine months committed himself to converting his 6.4 m lobster fishing boat from diesel toelectrically powered. Her owner Hans Unkles is, apart from being a fisherman, a highly experienced boat builder and it was his decision to convert Lorna Jane, aCygnus GM21 […]


With two of the worlds most advanced electrically and wind powered craft having travelled many thousands of miles propelled by Bruntons Autoprop Eco*Star propeller, and a rapidly growing number of other electric and hybrid powered craft now fitting them, here is an update. With more and more leisure and commercial vessels being launched powered by […]

Autoprop, the propeller for displacement motor yachts ?

Throughout our 150 years of business we have maintained a position at the leading edge of propeller design and manufacture but perhaps that lead is even greater today with the launch of the Autoprop Eco*Star. The product of four years of research and development the Eco*Star is the propeller for electrically or hybrid powered vessels.

A Bruntons Propellers four blade titanium Varifold propels a Baltic 115 Custom. A World first?

Bruntons Propellers recently delivered what is thought to be the first four blade titanium folding propeller manufactured. Specifically designed for the latest Baltic Yachts launch, a Baltic 115 Custom, this 36” Varifold titanium propeller is between forty and 50 kilos lighter than a standard Varifold, but loses nothing in terms of its performance, strength and durability.

280,000 nautical miles, one Autoprop

When Sir Chay Blyth and Andrew Roberts conceived the idea of a round the world race against the winds and currents for amateurs in the late 80’s both of them would never have believed that their brain child’s of boats would go on for a quarter of a century. In actual fact they first thought that these boats would only do one race.

From diesel to electric propulsion

Having decided to remove the diesel engine on his yacht and fit an electric one the owner of the Forna 41 Zigzag 3, Wim Clinkspoor, was confronted with a considerable reduction in propulsive power.