Amel Trust Autoprop

For many years the highly respected French yacht builder Chantiers Amel have fitted Autoprops to their yachts as standard.

Jeanne Socrates

By any standards, Jeanne Socrates is a remarkable lady. She has endured many hardships in her sailing ‘career’, but this has not stopped her in her attempt to be the first grandmother to sail around the world, single-handed, non-stop.

Bavaria 34

Jan and Marianne Stenqvist tells us their experience of our Autoprop on their beloved Barvria 34.


The most demanding conditions any yacht can operate in, but today one of Sir Chay Blyths’ Challenge yachts, having passed through the Southern Ocean several times, now operates there full time complete with her Autoprop.


The beautiful William Fife classic ‘Sunshine’ is almost out of fuel 5 days from harbour in windless conditions.

From Arctic to Antarctic

Whilst not all Autoprops will operate in the conditions experienced by this Beneteau First 42 it clearly demonstrates they are not only very robust but also provide excellent performance.

Xplore – Steel Going Strong

When Sir Chay Blyth and Andrew Roberts conceived the idea of a round the world race against the winds and currents for amateurs in the late 80’s both of them would never have believed that their brain child’s of boats would go on for a quarter of a century. In actual fact they first thought that these boats would only do one race.

Seastar Sailing Fleet Fit Autoprop

There cannot be many better recommendations than when a well known and respected yacht charter company with 21 yachts of various sizes chooses to fit virtually all of them with a particular propeller.