Amel Trust Autoprop

For many years the highly respected French yacht builder Chantiers Amel have fitted Autoprops to their yachts as standard.

Latest Amel fits Autoptop (as usual)

One of Autoprop’s longest running associations with an individual boat builder exists with highly respected French yacht builder Chantiers Amel.

In the early ’90’s Amel decided to put an Autoprop on ‘extended’ test fitted to one of their yachts. The standard Autoprop wouldn’t fit an Amel so Bruntons produced one with a specially extended hub however, once Amel were satisfied that the propeller was the right one for their yachts they modified each models design so that the standard Autoprop could be accommodated.

For the last 13 years Amel have only fitted Autoprops to their beautifully engineered and built yachts and they recently confirmed that their latest model, the 64, will continue the ‘tradition’ The first 64 was completed in March 2010 and made her world début at the Cannes Boat Show.