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Whatever type of vessel you require a propeller for you can be sure that Bruntons have the solution – not just any solution but exactly the right one.

Why? Because Bruntons are the one company in the world that designs and manufactures just about every type of propeller in regular use today. We have no reason to try and get you to settle for second best because we will have the perfect answer.



A new version of the Autoprop called the Autoprop Eco*Star has been developed to propel the rapidly growing number of hybrid and purely electrically driven craft, both motor and sail, which are being launched around the world.


The Autoprop

Autoprop’s unique design and superb build quality make it the first choice feathering propeller among cruising yachtsmen the world over, with drag reduction when sailing by at least 85%, and a unique ability to change pitch automatically to suit prevailing wind and sea conditions when motoring or motor sailing. 


The Varifold

Varifold – the folding propeller for larger cruising yachts, cruiser racers and purely racing yachts of all sizes with engines from 10 to 1000hp.



Whilst our new CPP (Controllable Pitch Propeller) system is entering a market which already has many other companies producing CPP propellers the new Bruntons system has so many revised and unique features it could almost be described as unique itself.


The Sigmadrive

Bruntons SigmaDrive is a brand new 21st Century solution that is already an award winner and provides effective anti-noise and anti-vibration solutions of the highest order.

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Bruntons and our agents around the world hope to be exhibiting at as many boat shows in 2023/2024 as possible. Please keep an eye on this page and we’ll hopefully be adding more shows soon.


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